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Family Caregivers Ultimate Guide

As our parents age, the pressure can mount on family caregivers. SYNERGY HomeCare developed this guide to help prepare you to care for aging loved ones, your family, and your career while helping you find solutions that enhance your loved ones’ lives and bring balance and joy to yours. Consider it your owner's manual!


Help you can expect

We recognize that there are millions of people who are unpaid family caregivers who attend to the needs of aging loved ones. These should be cherished and rewarding experiences. But at the same time, we also understand that it is not an easy job and the stresses created can be overwhelming. We understand.
Our 20-page guide will help you compassionately navigate your loved one's aging journey.

Here are 6 of the key issues that family caregivers often face.
Do any resonate with you or your family caregiver?

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Don't Let Stress Win

For a member of the Sandwich Generation, who is likely working full time and may even be at a high point in their career, the stress of caring for an aging loved one may begin to affect work.

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Help for Loss of Income

Income-related losses due to caregiving can be significant but may be avoidable. In order to avoid such losses, consider receiving assistance from local caregiving services.

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Adult Children Don't Have To

When adult children are taking care of their aging parents, the parents often feel embarrassed or ashamed when they need help with showering or going to the bathroom.

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Physical Impact of Stress

You may be aware of the mental strain of caregiving, but it’s also important to take note of the physical impact such stress can cause.

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It's a Marathon

While “being there” around the clock for your kids, aging loved ones and your job, you may find yourself experiencing new emotions.

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In-Home Care Cost

The cost of in-home care will vary by state and market and is predicated on a variety of factors. But we can still provide an estimate of the number of hours you may need.

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